Presentational Speaking




By Arrangement

2 days, 08:30 am to 04:30 pm

Max. 12


The ability to present your ideas clearly and persuasively is one of the most important skills in modern jobs. Almost everyone fears to hold presentations, especially if it is not in one’s mother tongue. You can, however, use that adrenaline rush to improve your presentation. By informative lectures, individual practice and working in small groups, you will be taught to:

  • Be oriented towards the group you are speaking to
  • Organize complex material in simple, easy to understand segments.
  • Use visual aids effectively.
  • Infuse yourself with a self-confident attitude about the presentation.
  • Raise your competence and comfort level presenting in English.


Acquire the elements of an effective presentation. Learn how to prepare, how to use visual aids and how to solve problems during presentations. Get to know types of audiences.


Employees holding presentations in English with advanced knowledge of English


Graz, or by arrangement